Nothing Dangerous is my pseudonym for independent game development.


I am interested in creating games of many different genres but will probably stick with arcade, role-playing, and strategy. I want to make enjoyable games that bring together innovative mechanics, general silliness, and a retro feel.


  • Fun

    Games should be fun, duh! Specifically, I want to achieve fun by providing challenges, silly environments, and player-game relationships.

  • Mindful Mechanics

    The mechanics are the key message of a game! Behaviors and outlooks reinforced by the mechanics should be tied to the overall message of a game.

  • Relationships

    Meaningful experiences come from relationships. A game should strive to create and explore relationships with the player.

  • Challenge

    Challenges help the player learn and grow. They also provide the best reward.

  • Legibility

    Visual and auditory readability is more important than realism. Flashy graphics shouldn't get in between the player and the experience.

  • Silliness & Humor

    Games are for fun and should never be taken too seriously.


Currently Nothing Dangerous is just myself, Nic Lupfer, a computer-science grad student with some experience creating Flash, XNA, and Java games.

Hopefully more people will join me along the way.

Nothing Dangerous?

I can't decide on what kind of games I want to make. The only thing I knew for certain is that I don't want to make anything dangerous.